Friday, November 20, 2009

Saturday Wont Come Soon Enough!

Even though I could have gone to the midnight showing, and I could have gone today, during the day when the crowds would've been more bearable....but no, I have to wait until Saturday to see New Moon!  Ick!

It's bad enough that my daughter (and son for that matter) are a littled pissed at me because they are going to their dads...and sorry but Im not waiting any longer...but I can't even see it on opening night, which for some unknown reason is important lol!  I know one thing, if I have to beat up a 12 year old for tickets because they are sold out, I hate to say it, but Im not above that.

It really is a little sad that Im giddy over this movie, and still get TWIstruck while watching the first one... even after seeing it well over 100 times.  I hope this movie is good enough to keep me satisfied until Eclipse is fricken YEAR!  Well between twilight, new moon, all the teeny bopper magz and my own vivid imagination I suppose I can survive the year!  Not to mention, Vampire Diaries HAD been a great substitute, until last night when they totally left us a very uncomfortable spot! I HATE cliffhangers, those bastards..but I digress, and that is another post entirely!

Speaking of vivid imagination, everyone with a twisted twilight obsession really needs to head on over to and get you fill of filthy fan fiction!  Twismut for the Robsessed and than some!  Stories with all your favorite sparkly & howling characters!  I love how it's set up...makes getting my fix all that much easier!  Forget the neighborhood pusher, I get my mind altered @ Twilighted!

(To be fair, there are rated G stories, but you wont find me there!)

Tonight I will leave you with this, the pic reminds me of De driver...psychotically sexy, I'll take two, to go, please.


  1. DAMN! Are we sisters?? I love your site! ROCKS! I am so twilighting jealous! LOL If you have a button, I will post it on my blog. I think I have some twilight fans that read!

  2. we must be!! I do have a button for some reason its not on here, but my other blog LOL! Ill post it up! :)

  3. I haven't even seen this movie but it seems like everybody else has.
    Thanks for the follow. I am now following you as well.