Monday, November 23, 2009

New Moon--My Thoughts

Well, as you may have guessed, I am essentially Team this movie did NOT quench my sparkly need, BUT Jacob and his deliciously sculpted wolfiness certainly eased the pain!  Let's get right into favorite, least favorite, and WTF moments.

I LOVED the newly buff Jacob, and trust me when I say that "big muscly bohunks" are really not my thing...but he had just the right amount of it..added to his baby was a total win!  In fact the entire tribe looked delish in this flick!  And the morph--loved it!  Not the cheesy piece-o-crap I was worried it would be.  It looked like it was real--well if that type of thing happened anyway..i would imagine it going like that LOL!

I think my FAVORITE part was in Italy with my sparkly one ready to reveal his pasty goodness!  Did you all notice the apparent lack of undergarments (boxers OR breifs) in this scene?  I am thinking this was for my personal benefit.  Chris Weitz must have heard of my insatiable obsession with that ever-so-lipsmackin'  Y is, after all, my favorite thing about the opposite sex...well the one's that actually HAVE it !  Both Jacob and Mr Sparkly have the Y...but something about Edwards just does it for me..does it real good lol!
Lucky for me, my husband has a similar build and Y..num num, no sparkles though...hurrrumph.... ok back to the point! 

**(If you don't know the Y I am referring to, glance over to the right and see the pic under "Tans are so overrated" now let your eyes wander to the bottom of the frame...yes that's it, that's the Y)**

Least Favorite:
Well I really didn't like how none of the rest of the fam had more than a few lines (Well Alice and Carlisle had some)  But Jasper and Emmet, only a couple one liner's ...which is pretty true to the book, but I want to get up close and personal with all of them..and i DON'T want to wait for Eclipse to do it!  But I guess I will have to!

I also hated the ending...hate is a strong word... I didn't HATE it, I expected it...but the entire last 1/2 of the movie I was bummed.  Dont get me wrong, loved the Italy scenes...but I really felt as though the last 20-30 mins of the movie was in fast forward..I kept saying WHY IS THIS HAPPENING ALREADY!!!!  

I thought the movie was done well, but I feel rushed through alot of parts that I think the book really got deeper into. I know, thats the way it is...but it doesnt mean i have to be happy LOL!

WTF moment...
Well in New Moon I realized that Bella only does that "ugh ahhh uhhhhh ohhhhh bbbbut i-i-i- wawawaweee" shit with Edward...NOT with Jacob.  You know what I mean... that stuttering gagagaga crap which I get but don't like lol.  I thought Kstew was more believable in this one over twilight... but I really don't think she truly captures Bella's emotions from the book.  Perhaps Stephanie Meyer is just THAT good of a writer...or maybe I held Bella's character too high on a petastool to have Kstew be able meet the requirements.  Oh well, it is what it is.  I still picture Rory Gilmore (Aexis Bledel) as Bella though ---she's cute and much less whiney....recast ?
Yea i didnt think so haha.  

(Oh one more WTF moment I nearly forgot about!)
Aro... looked how I pictured, BUT. BIG BUT.  He was kinda comedic?  I kept waiting for Will Farrell to jump out...... so that I didn't like ... I don;t know if he was too animated, or so still it seemed funny?  Im not sure, but I hope he does something diferent in the future.

All in all, Loved This Movie!  I am more than happy that I went to see it in the theatres, and I will most def be seeing it again soon. I went with my sister...and next will be my mother and children (my mom and daughter are both twihards as well)  I can't wait to get it on DVD and have a little TwiParty whohoo!  Oh another cool extra, they had tons of merch and games/contests at the theatre.  I guess at one point they had 2 of the same volvos Edward drives and Emmets jeep.... missed them though.  So I got a cullens vampire baseball shirt (LOL) and got my daughter a jasper shirt for xmas!  They even had Carlisle's medical degree and Jasper's papers from the war, too cool.

I will be back later to go over each individual sparkly one in detail..why? Well why the hell not?!  

Ok, i found this online, and yea I just HAD to do a repost because its hillarious


  1. Okay, so I love you, because you love Edward (enough of the Jacob muscles already; although they were pretty hot, which is an awkward thing to have to admit about a teenager!).

    I completely enjoyed the movie. I was very sad not to be able to stare at Edward for most of it, but that shirtless bit (awww the Y!) was worth the wait, no?

    I also found Aro to be comedic. I mean, the whole lot of the Volturi were way less than the scary, daunting crew you get the impression they are from the book. They actually seemed a little silly in the movie. Maybe they will toughen up a bit in the next installments.

    As for the ending, I agree I was perturbed. Not surprised, but definitely perturbed.

    And, don't blame Bella. I can barely even t-t-t-type with E-e-e-edward flashing around on your s-s-s-sidebar!

  2. hahaa! Ok ok i guess I can't blame bella lol! Im glad im not the only one who found the volturi to be a little funny.... i thought maybe i was alone there lol!
    THanks for the love :) My fellow edwardian haha